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STEAM Heated Cryogenic Vaporizer

STEAM Heated Cryogenic Vaporizer
STEAM Heated Cryogenic Vaporizer
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Brand Name : INCRYO
Product Description


A series of water heated shell and tube vaporizers designed specifically for high or medium rates and continuous duty, for distribution, project and plant back up applications utilizing an external steam source to provide the energy for vaporization or regasification of the stored liquid cryogen. Steam under pressure is injected into a large volume horizontal water storage tank, heating it to the designed operating temperature. The cryogen is vaporized through a tube bundle by direct contact with the hot water.

Capacities AN ISO 9001 AND OHSAS 18001 COMPANY range from 500 to 85,000 Nm3/hr. Units are suitable for all atmospheric gases, LNG, Ammonia and CO2. Common applications include pipeline back-up service, steel plants and other metal processing plants, ceramic plants, breweries, petrochemical and purging applications. Tube bundles and coils are manufactured from Stainless Steel and are available in a range of standard sizes. Manufactured in accordance with the ASME Section VIII Div. 1 pressure vessel code, U stamped. Water storage tanks are manufactured from carbon steel, designed in accordance with the ASME code no U stamp and are internally and externally painted to prevent corrosion.

Indirect steam injected water bath vaporizers offer several advantages. The water stored in the tank provides the energy for process gas vaporization to continue even after the loss of steam supply. This “ballast” time is typically 3 to 5 minutes for this design. Longer times are optional.


Controls on these units are very simple. Gas discharge temperature depends on the bundle design and the water bath temperature. The steam control valve operates to maintain the water bath temperature. The process bundles are designed to operate effectively within a range of variable water bath temperatures, and gas exit temperatures cannot exceed water bath temperature. Steam control valve(s) are actuated by a temperature probe sensing the tank water temperature.

The same temperature and pressure limitations that apply to cast iron valves and components in general steam applications, apply to the steam control valves in these units. The use of high temperature/high pressure steam should always be treated with caution.