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Ambient Air Low Pressure Vaporizers MF Series

Ambient Air Low Pressure Vaporizers MF Series
Ambient Air Low Pressure Vaporizers MF Series
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Product Description

 Incryo Systems (ISPL) manufactures a comprehensive range of Ambient air heatednatural and forced draft vaporizers.

 Serving Industrial Gas, Cryogenics, LNG, Special gases, Hospitals, Welding, Petrochemical and Energy sector industries.

 Designed in USA. Manufactured in India.

 All Incryo Systems vaporizer arrays are weldless, minimizing cost and resulting in a high level of structural integrity.

 Structure remains relatively flexible in operation, preventing cracking from thermal cycling expansion and contraction.

 Return bends and manifolds are welded in accordance with ASME Section IX code.

 Units are shipped, handled and installed without crating and rick of damage.

 Heat transfer elements of varying lengths are available to optimize vaporizer design.

 Multi fin heat transfer elements available for longer run times without rapid defrost.

 Low pressure drop configurations.

 Designed to meet international building codes and wind and seismic requirements.

 Elements are assembled utilizing manifolds to provide single inlet and outlet flanged connections on high flow rate vaporizers.

 Continuous gas supply is possible by ‘switching’ multiple units when operational units are saturated with frost build up.

 Manual or automatic switching systems are available.


The performance of ambient air vaporizers, which use the relative “heat” of the atmosphere to derive the energy necessary for the vaporization of the liquid cryogen, is subject to many factors. These include flow rate, duty cycle, ambient temperature, relative humidity, freeze period, altitude, wind, solar radiation, operating pressure and proximity to adjacent structures. The effects of average solar and wind conditions are not included in quoted ratings. Performance is based on mean ambient conditions of 700F (210C) and 70% relative humidity. Special conditions may vary considerably for a particular application, thereby affecting performance. Ambient vaporizers represent the most cost effective equipment to vaporize or re-gasify liquid cryogens. Once installed there are no operational or maintenance costs. All that is required is regular defrosting of the heat transfer elements.


LOW PRESSURE standard all aluminum units MAWPs available: 275 psig (19 bar); 450 psig (31 bar); 588 psig (40 bar) Other MAWPs on request Connections: Mueller four bolt, ANSI RFWN or SORF or DIN specification flanges.

HIGH PRESSURE standard all aluminum ‘metal lined’ units MAWPs available: 3600psig (250 bar) and 6000psig (400 bar) Models available up to 15,000psig (1000 bar).

Connections: SCBW (square cut butt weld); ½” NPTF; others on request.

Liner materials available: Types 304, 316 and 310 Stainless Steel, Monel, other materials on request.

All ISPL vaporizers are designed and manufactured in accordance with the UBC and applicable sections of ANSI A 58.1.

Units available for seismic zone 4 locations and 100mph (44m/s) wind speed with normal ice loading. Vaporizers may be manufactured in compliance with any international recognized pressure specification, such as ASME; TUV; PED; KGC or ISQL. ASME U STAMP VAPORIZERS AVAILABLE.